Tandora Radio for Iphone and ipod Touch

Tandora is a FREE online Radio targeted for the Indians who work and stay abroad. This Application is a step to make them feel closer to their country and their culture. Currently Tandora caters three major Indian languages - Hindi, Telugu and Tamil.

Tandora supports Multitasking and its one of its kind in performance, We have tried to keep the User Interface as simple as possible(Coz we believe simple is the best), We are constantly trying to update the App frequently with new features and updates

You can Sync the radio channels within App(don't have to wait for the update to refresh new the non working radio channels)
You can set the App to stop with a timer( You can goto sleep with your iphone still playing your favorite music)
you can share it with friends as it is integrated with Facebook!

Try this and let us know what do you think,your feedback will definitely make a difference to our team.
Please share it with your friends if you like it. :-)


  1. hi the app is great!!I have a question does it connect to wifi?

  2. Hi! this app is great.. I am loving it ever since i downloaded it. One suggestion, can you try to integrate the app controls with the ipod controls to change the station back and forth with the next and previous buttons and the pause play buttons as well. this is make the app even more awesome.

  3. Can you add HelloFM (Chennai's FM) to the list.
    It is available for free in many websites.

  4. Hey guys, 
     Great app you have here. I used to stream the stations myself through Safari but when I found this it was a lifesaver. I love the new update great stuff. Howeve after the update there is no more Mera Sangeet! I do elieve that they updated yheir feed. You can find it here. http://www.merasangeet.com/hindi/radio/faq#n1041
    And i agree with Sidharth, if you could do that it would be really awesome!
    Keep up the hard work guys. All the best.

  5. Mera Sangeet is added back! thanks David.

  6. Hi,

    This is very great application. I really love it.
    I like the new update, great one. Timer is really coooool.

  7. Hi,

    Can you add some Bengali channels please?

  8. Listen all day long in ipod touch. I have a question are you Indian? Do you submit this app from India? If it yes what about the paid app I mean can I submit paid from India in app store? Plz reply. Thanks saurav.

  9. Hi Sourav,

    Email me to kjappsupport@gmail.com. Thanks

  10. Guys - Tandora consumes about 1MB / minute from my usage plan. How do I manage to run this apps w/o hitting the service providers limit?


  11. I am an unfortunate Blackberry user. I have friends using the Tandora app on iPhone. I want to know if u have an app for BB too? I definitely want to use it.

  12. Please add Hello FM Chennai in the list,
    Below is the URL

  13. any chance it will be available for android?

  14. Hi,
    Consider adding the oldest online Bengali channel - Washington Bangla Radio (WBRi). WBRi is already available via FlyCast.FM, Nokia Internet Radio, ROKU and so on.

    Please e-mail info@washingtonbanglaradio.com for access information for the stream.

    Washington DC, USA

  15. Can I download Tandora on my Blackberry?

  16. hi this app is very good,,

    pls add hello fm chennai station to in please


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